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System 1 Staffing thoroughly evaluates all prospective Temporary, Temp to Hire and Direct Hire applicants to match their skills to your company specified needs. We achieve this through aggressive recruiting and pre-screening techniques, comprehensive skill assessment, and testing detailed interviewing and reference checks, and finally placement at the client site with a consistent candidate and client follow-up. Below are a few main industries of service, if you don’t see what you are looking for here we invite you to discover more! Discover More

Hiring Practices

System 1 Staffing Specialists have been trained to assess candidate strengths through in depth interviewing, skills assessment, and thorough reference checking.  We evaluate job history, career goals, wage/salary requirements, and availability for work, to find just the right match for your job requirements.  We make sure each candidate for employment through System 1 is aware of the policies and procedures associated with working for System 1 and our employer clients, to assure that each employee will represent System 1 competently and professionally.

Reference Checks
We understand the importance of complete interviews and reference checks; each Job Seeker is required to provide three business references in the interview process. Prior to employment consideration, our specialists perform complete employment verifications, reference checks, and background checks. Should we be unable to complete a reference given, we contact the Job Seeker and request additional references. This process ensures we provide accurate, complete data for our Employer clients.
Skills & Assessment Testing
We utilize both computerized and paper testing to assess a Job Seeker’s skill level. We have the capability to test over 65 software, hardware, and accounting programs including MS Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. We offer extensive customer service, service technician and collector exams which include visual and audible tests. We also test data entry, both alphanumeric and numeric, typing ability, and ten-key. All of our candidates are accessed on their abilities in basic spelling, grammar, filing, math, and proofreading. Further, we are able to test job specific knowledge such as general accounting, accounts receivable and payable, and bookkeeping. Candidate scores are entered into our employee database where they are easily searched to match employees to potential job orders based on required skills.

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Client Testimonials

A former colleague of mine recommended me to Kevin in 2010 for a contract Recruiting Coordinator position. The first time I spoke with Kevin and in all of my dealings with him since, I have found him to be highly professional, friendly and really easy to work with. I have happily recommended other workers to Kevin in the last year and a half Read more...
Melissa W (HR & Recruiting Coordinator)
I have contracted work from Kevin for several years and he has always been very easy to talk to. He really understands what my company and I need and always comes through for us. Read more... read more testimonials, and find out more about System1Staffing visit our page on LinkedIn...
Leah K (Operations Manager at USA North 811)
Kevin and his team at System 1 provide excellent customer service and take care of both their clients and candidates. They have great work ethic and care about who they are dealing with and what kind of service they provide. Kevin has been a reliable vendor for the past 4 years and I enjoy working with him and his team, they listen- Read more...
April T (Recruting Primerica)